Minor Rossi Business

Made his own 10 inspiring stories about starting business
Необычный бизнес в России Наши

10 вдохновляющих историй о начале бизнеса — Сделал сам на The VillageUnorthodox spirits, fixing chocolates, tariff collection and other original business ideas. The Village remembered the most interesting articles of the heading " Do yourself " .

IMO, Julia Lukoyanova, decided to work at the Consular Service. Starting from the post of night consortium, the girl gradually absorbed the delicateness of working with important guests, gained experience and developed contacts with the right people.10 вдохновляющих историй о начале бизнеса. Изображение № 1. Year ago. opened it. A conservative service that has, among other things, helped expatriates learn in Moscow. Capital Concierge now serves some 150 individuals and two dozen corporate clients.

In 2011, Joaquim Greunval and Mathias Ecklef, who had already had the experience of Internet projects in Sweden, took over Yellow Pages. She had a big database of Russian company phones, but no one's ever used paperwork. Then the Swedes decided to go online. In a few years, the site has received feedback from visitors about the work of different firms.10 вдохновляющих историй о начале бизнеса. Изображение № 2. Without special costs, the traffic increased ten times, the first advertisers appeared, and this summer the company raised a new round of investment.

Anastasia Sukhomlinov, journalist and photographer Georgia Kaymah, were friends at the historic Faculty of the WPG. Both were fascinated by America's history and the picture, so they decided to open a photographer with old plastic cameras and instant photographs. First, they worked at city events, then they started to be invited to weddings, birthdays and corporations.10 вдохновляющих историй о начале бизнеса. Изображение № 3. Entrepreneurs now earn a share of 30 to 140,000 roubles.

One day, a student at the High School of Economics, Oleg Guskov, wanted to give a little gift to his girlfriend, but he didn't find anything interesting at the sweets store. Then he thought it'd be good to make chocolates with different fillers on order. He bought the raw materials, arranged for a restaurant on the rubber industry and paid for three months. Mixville can now produce up to 3,000 chocolates a day, and there are also musli, macaroons and cakes.

After 20 years of work at the Darwin Museum, Kirill Nasedkin decided to start his own business. He drew attention to the fact that his acquaintances were poorly focused on how much money they were spending on mobile communications. The confused tariff system supported by Russian operators has led their clients to throw tens of thousands of roubles a year into the wind. His company now serves some 800 companies to help them reduce their communications costs.

10 вдохновляющих историй о начале бизнеса. Изображение № 4. 10 вдохновляющих историй о начале бизнеса. Изображение № 5. 10 вдохновляющих историй о начале бизнеса. Изображение № 6. 10 вдохновляющих историй о начале бизнеса. Изображение № 7.

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