What Kind Of Business To Open From Scratch

How do you open your case from scratch, business from zero or minimal capital?
идеи бизнеса в маленьком

Um, there are always ideas.
For example, we have an editor.
400 y.e. unworking wife and two kids.

Do you have money on the Internet?

Let's say that working computer doesn't matter.

The aim is to take care of the small case of a stable, additional workable to the basic wage.

1. First step - which can be missed:-

Registered as a private enterprise.
Which is not necessary in your case.
The tax pays the oligars, they have to pay.

2. Second step.
We think we can do our basic work.
What do you think people might need from your profession today?
Think of a way to communicate with you. What kind of equipment you might need?
First time, we're putting the announcements on the Internet.
But there are newspapers of free hugs.
We're buying, we're reading the rules of engagement, writing in the bathing suit.

Do you have any language?

You got a good Russian?
Teaching is more accurately attracting pupils in Russian, preparing for examinations, writing for the order.

Try not to torture.
Don't take it from the side - it's not good to do it because it's not worth much money.
It's important that you do something else.

I have a lot of ideas on the other hand, but something takes time for implementation, something more money than I have.

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