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The secret power, the darkness and the real.
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Now that the ice wind of History grows stronger, staggering the path of the post-Soviet era, an increasing number of written truths on the surface are common myths. However, more could be said, almost all of the things that had recently seemed the only possible perception had a purely mythological basis. We can even speak of the “British 1990”: that is, all that was believed to be true this year is in fact a pure delusion, from the expectation of the arrival of aliens to the faith that Boris Yeltsin will make Russia great. However, the first and last truths of “completed” very quickly, for example, the aliens have not yet come to Earth, but they also refuse to engage in any dialogue with our planet. (Elcine, I see, I'd rather not mention it at all. )

In the past, however, I wish to consider only one of the myths, namely, the myth of some powerful external forces, governing all and all. However, it is not so much a “self-contained myth” as a submiff of a larger mythological system, as will be described below. In the meantime, it may be noted that this submission remains a dominant public conscience, despite everything. But at least now, attempts are being made to go beyond the idea of " all-powered " certain elites, and ten years ago, trying to challenge such a model has been amazed. Screwing as to what it might be possible not to understand the obvious, has continued to cross one of the “conspirological theories”. There have been these theories, as easily as possible, out of a list of all possible plots that have the highest degree of strength. For example, in 1990, the word " sionism " was very popular. This " sionism " , unlike the Zionism of history (the movement for the return of Jews to Israel, which has been virtually non-existent, has been a powerful force capable, at least, of the full administration of post-Soviet space. (To the maximum, the world. Even the United States was treated as " Israeli services " in 1990. The names of Russian Ministers and Oligarchs were usually cited as examples.

The real causes that led to such a situation (the national characteristics of the Oligarchs) need to be addressed separately. In the meantime, they were associated with the paradoxicality of the changes that had taken place in the former USSR, and were culturally influenced by the “second” or “third” factors. Factors unnoticed in the “normal” Soviet society, such as the fact that the Jewish had maintained an ancient desire for “education” (such as the “Kniga people”) and had sought their unsettled injections, in any case, to “drink” into the bonds. Let go beyond the prestigious and accessible places that the economic faculties have played at that time. Smart physics, " opera " and " bliss " were sent to medics, and those who had other nationalities had a direct route to the technical TPN, in this case became economists. In principle, the same can be said of the " Comosolic Chiefs " , since the prestige of the seat was quite small in 1970-80. Before the NTM era, when it suddenly became possible to raise a whole state. However, as it has already been said, all this is a separate conversation.

It is worth noting, however, that by mid-2000 the “ethnic” character of the authorities had ceased to be so disturbing. This can also be linked to the withdrawal of the first wave of oligars, such as the Berezovsky-Gusinski, which are highly “nationally expressed”. With the transition of Russian capitalism into a more “stable phase”, involving more people in their spheres. Although the number of those " winnings " is not so large, it seems sufficient in comparison with the 15-year-old situation to make the notion of " Jewish ownership " no longer popular. Millions of thousands of dollars (until 2014) of mosquitoes riding in the “Cashanas” on their “creditphos” are certainly not Jewish. Thus, even nationalists have now moved from the customary concept of " Zydov " in 1990 to more pressing issues with " Caucasians " and migrants. And the jides, stop being all-powerful, lost all meaning, and only individual marginals have long tried to teach the people this disintegrated myth.

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