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Бизнес идея по созданию мебели

5 racial prejudices, why you have to work for your uncle and not think about entrepreneurship.

♪ There's no unique business ideas.

There are no unique ideas for a long time, and it is almost impossible (with very few exceptions). But you're not Zuckerberg, and you're not even the guy whose start-ups bought Google for millions.
The market benefits are derived not from free niche but from active market promotion, quality of customer service, expansion of the range line, lack of an office plankton. Cotler seems to have this phrase: "The man who buys you a perforator is actually buying a hole in the wall in his right place and at his convenient time."

♪ No start-up capital.

So? You should start from scratch. In any case, there's a need for a head on the shoulders, a skill and a desire to work 30 hours a day, and only the last of the money.
In any case, the main capital has invaluable experience, even after business does not go. I didn't get this one, it's next. There are hundreds of different activities where serious start-up capital It's just not necessary. For example, selling services.

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