Small Business Plan

Business plan for the “product shop”
бизнес план скачать

Корзинка продуктовThe pink food market is inseparable, it is virtually impossible to saturate it completely. There are even online food shops.


  • The food market in Russia is quite empty, so it will soon be seized by hypermarkets.
  • Our market is very diverse in economic and ethnic terms in each region, so it is not possible to make any specific forecast for the country as a whole.
  • European experience proves that no country has even half of the repression of small retailers by large trading networks, which proves that the simplicity of the investor has always been.

At the usual level of profitability, the cost-effectiveness of food distributors is about 25 per cent, the minimum contribution depends on the format if the businessman chooses to invest in this area of activity, it has a difficult choice, can join large networks or start a self-sustaining activity. small business

How do you open a product store?

The prevailing view in this area is that it is the most advantageous to open such a business in food sales. Ideally, an entrepreneur should have trade experience, know the characteristics of such a market and have an education. There is also a need to develop a sound business plan for a product store.

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