Best Business Projects

The best business projects of the Tumga will be presented to the annual numerical contest
Первобанк наградил лучшие
The Youth Science and Innovation Competition Program, or simply U.M.N.I.C., aims to identify and support young scientists who seek to implement themselves through innovation. A total of 80 applications were filed this year from the University of Tumen.

The U.M.N.I.C. competition has traditionally been conducted on five themes: information technology, future medicine, modern materials and technology, new instruments and hardware, biotechnology. The Tumen State University is represented in all nominations.

The largest number of projects -- about three dozen -- were in IT and Biotechnology.

During the protection, participants made presentations and answered questions from experts and viewers.

Alexander Rychkovrepresentative of the Tobol Punistut, subsidiary of the TyumGU:
♪ My project has been on the market for a long time, smart lights. But their main problem was that they were expensive, and when the wrecking took place, the whole lamp went out of order, had to throw it away. My idea is that this lamp is divided into two modules, and if one module fails, we only change it.

Magistrate TumGU Alexei Besara develops a sweaty ultrasonic analyser to quantify the gas phase in the gas oil flow.

For young scientists and innovators, the U.M.N.I.C. competition is a good opportunity to obtain scientific grants worth 500,000 roubles and to implement their innovative projects. We add that there will be 30 people in the Regional Final, to be held from 19 to 20 October 2016.

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