Business Start-Up Projects

Small Entrepreneurship Support Programme - ongoing fund activities that are philanthropic in nature to support young start-up entrepreneurs
Быстроокупаемый бизнес с

Small Entrepreneurship Support Programme - ongoing activities of the Fund, which are in its content BLEGOTIARY and aims to support young start-up entrepreneurs. It's an efficient and good place to start your case.

The Fund is selfless and exclusively for young people to help start-up entrepreneurs to translate their business projects into action. In addition to free assistance in the evaluation of business ideas, analysis and preparation of a business plan, the Fund provides young people with a range of experienced and reliable professional mentors and seed capital in the form of a tax-free concessional loan.

Helping small businesses in 2016 - how do you get it?

As a small business centre, AGAT supports business projects in the areas of production, trade and services, e.g.:

  • car wash,
  • landscape design studio,
  • sewing,
  • Internet store,
  • craft workshop,
  • various small cafees and bakeries,
  • Polygraphic Services Centre,
  • Children ' s or Family Centre,
  • the sale of mobile accessories,
  • Laundry shop
  • and others.

Fund support small businessesauthorized by existing legislation of the Russian Federation, Except:

  • Financial services (brokering services, pawnshops, etc.),
  • Consulting services (i.e. business trainers, marriage, accounting, marketing, personnel and legal agencies, etc.),
  • Real estate-based activities
  • production and marketing of alcohol and tobacco products
  • medical activities requiring licensing,
  • and steam baths, mineral resorts,
  • pharmacy and business related to the sale of pharmaceuticals and materials,
  • and a number of other small businesses.

The Small Business Support Fund of AGAT does not consider high-technology and scientific development projects, businesses requiring more than 750,000 cuts, activities with high-risk activities due to regional specificities (St. Petersburg, Catherineburg).

In determining whether a young person ' s candidacy meets the required criteria, the Fund focuses on the identity and entrepreneurial quality of a young man, his will and his ability to achieve success rather than on collateral, knowing that it is minimal at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey. However, when approaching the Fund, the candidate should grant sponsorship or advice from those who believe in it and who, in the event of financial difficulties, would be willing to share the responsibility for the payment of credit received by the employer at the Fund ' s partner bank.

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