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Extreme gene: Why do men like risk to scientists not
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Scientists don't try to understand why extreme sports are so popular. Young men and men are doing this for life-threatening entertainment. It turns out that extremity tends to emerge as a child, becomes an inseparable personality and defines the nature once and for all! Moreover, researchers believe that love of risk is caused by congenital factors, and have even identified the responsible gene. The " extrem " mutations give rise to the desire to constantly experience unusual feelings and to end up in the clouds.

So there's nothing you can do to put your life on the map? Get away! The same scholars pay due attention to the right upbringing - if you channel energy into a peaceful era, it is possible to ensure that there is a strong sense of health. Of course, the appropriate time for guidance is childhood, but even an adult amateur of unjustified risk should be called to order. If he doesn't mind adding the size of his life to his life, then, together, choose alternative ways to tickle his nerves.

The entertainment industry offers many options, ranging from the screening of trillers in IMAX to the gastronomical experiments. When you've known the rides, you've been able to surprise them, you can find them that cause real fear. But there are more useful ways to satisfy the desire for an extrem.

The unmarried part of men ' s life is brutal career battles or new business- Projects. Let him get into the atmosphere of accomplishments with his head and feel strong - Adrenaline will be justified! And we can also deal with complex and energy-intensive sports, such as water jumps, top drives or five-bridges.

Remember, men don't change. They're loved by the kind they are, and they're throwing the right gifts:

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