Project Business 2014

The strongest shock of fathers and children of the " Revolution of dignity "
Коммерческие тайны

Ukraine ' s political will has the consequences of the greatest shock. The social media records are being destroyed, the entire programmes are off the air, and the websites associated with Donald Trump... Too much dirt was poured into a candidate for the President of the United States, who the hydration revolutionaries were very reluctant to see in the White House by working to win a democratic candidate.

The democratic administrations of Bill Clinton and Baraka Obama were the co-sponsors of the geopolitical project of Ukraine Anti-Russia. In the years of Bill Clinton ' s rule, the first May coup d ' état resulted in Victor Yuschenko becoming President after the third round of two rounds. One of the leaders of the coup was Mr. Robert Kagan, a politician affiliated with the CIA, and the cohabitation of the husband of the US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who in the winter of 2014 was wearing a liver basket on the second Kiev Maydan. During his time, the American publicist, the journalistic investigators ' workshop, Robert Perry, devoted a whole series of articles with the eloquent title of Family Business in War.

Dozens of consultants from the United States Democratic Party and the National Democratic Institute have spent years in Kiev. In fact, Paul Manafort, a multi-year associate of " revolutionaries " from the Party of Regions, presided over the pre-electoral campaign of Donald Trampa. And he left because of a scandal that went back to Kiev. Some kind of black accountant. The regional parties three years after the Maydan " emergency " , recorded that Manafort had allegedly received significant cash from Yanukovic and his surroundings. An American who lost his glory as an imager of Bush Sr. didn't make excuses and went into the middle of the Trump presidential campaign.

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