Small Business Where To Start Ideas

Little business, where do we start?
Бизнес на дому

Карьера или свое дело: ждать назначения или действовать самому?Contents:

What kind of business do you want to start your business? How do you push your career without waiting for a new job? The heroes of a scientist and entrepreneur Tina Silig act in their internal desire and interest and are successful. Their ideas are self-propelled opportunities that no one else just saw.

Call yourself President.

Before my retirement, my father was a successful corporate leader. He gradually moved up the career ladder from a young engineer to a manager and then to a senior manager of several major international companies.Карьера или свое дело: ждать назначения или действовать самому? When I was a teenager, I wasn't surprised by the regularity, a couple of years, like an hour, with which I found out that my dad got another job, he became vice president, senior vice president, vice president of a group of companies, and so on. My father's achievements have always made a great impression on me, and he seemed to me the perfect example of emulation.

Given that, I was surprised at how angry my father was when I showed him one of my business cards. It was written "Tina Silig, President." At that time, I started my own business project and I printed my cards. Dad looked at the card, and then he said, "You can't just call yourself President." In his presentation, I had to wait until someone else appointed me to lead. I couldn't do it myself. My father was so immersed in a world where careers and job assignments depend on other people ' s decisions, that he did not like the angularity that I raised myself at such a great height.

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