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What was considered the first atomic bomb
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The concept of a digital computer in its modern understanding was inspired more than 200 years ago, if not before. But the first attempts to implement the idea on Charles Babridge ' s mechanical elementary base had shown that even in the simplest version, the design had been so expensive and unreliable that then governments had not sought to allocate money for such academic entertainment. This case has therefore been stalled for more than a century, although the mechanization of the various calculations has been very rapid, as in some areas such needs have been made.

And only the need to create a weapon of Court Day led to the fact that the issue of supercomplicated and super-speed calculations with higher precision had become essential. More specifically, it was essential for the two world Powers or for the two political systems (who prefers) to possess a nuclear bomb as the most powerful weapon in the world. Although only the instrument for obtaining a claim, even the participants in the atomic race began to release any money and material.

But the creation of the first atomic bombs took place on the computers of the previous technology. Let's go to the evidence of those years.


Lev Landau physico-teorist was the main “intelligent” and “extractor” of the Soviet nuclear bomb. The Halatnikov Academy reminded me of him:
" In December 1946, I was transferred from postgraduate to junior scientific staff, and Landau announced that I would be doing a nuclear bomb with him. At that time, there were only two employees in the Landau Theorotdele: E.M. Lifsitz and me. The task that Landau gave us was linked to a large number of calculations. Theorotdela has therefore set up a computing office: 20 to 30 girls armed with German electric arithmometers, headed by Naum Meiman Math.

December of the first post-war year. Three physicists, one math, 20 to 30 girls, a computer bureau and a trophy German arithmometers, romantic! I'd like to be a young Soviet physicist in those years! Attention is drawn to the light of the situation: Landau has set a target once; it requires a mass of calculations, two; 20 to 30 new arithmometer staff, three. Besides, everyone needs salaries, housing, social packing and stuff. And it's in the hungry afterwar years!

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