How To Open Up A Case Where To Start

How to open your case, where to begin
как открыть свое дело

Usually there are two ways to decide to open the case. First, you know how to do anything, it gives you pleasure, and you do it better than others. You don't understand why most of the profits you've earned from your work should be made by other people. That's why you decide to open it. business

Second, you don't want to work for various reasons. You want to open your case because you think you're gonna make more money, or you're gonna have more free time, or you don't have a supervisor.

Of course, the way you came to open your case will depend on the answer to the question " Where to start? "

In the first case, it is necessary to begin by defining what you need in the material way to start your case. It could be equipment, materials, advertising money and money you're gonna live on until business starts making profits. It is important to minimize all costs at this stage. There's only one thing that doesn't work at all. The rest can be bought later for money from the profits.

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