How To Open Your Case Without Investing

How do you get a grant to open your case?
20 октября, начало в 19:00

Руководство как составить бизнес планWhat do you do to a proactive, entrepreneurial man who lost his job?

Of course, open your own business!

It is no secret that the crisis in Russia has created a problem of unemployment. The number of people left without livelihood has increased significantly. While recent data now indicate that the trend towards stabilization of unemployment has begun, this level remains high.

What if you lost your job? You certainly don't have to shoot. You can try something new, your own business, for example. And to make it easier to start, you can get a subsidy from the labour market to start a business.

Although it may not be the best idea, yesterday's staff member who was cut off and opened his case, but the attempt is not torture. Especially the State makes money. Why not try?
Yes, only 1 per cent of entrepreneurs are successful, and not more than 10 per cent just make a profitable business. So what? Maybe you're the 1%? Either way, if you can't open your case, you can always get back to work. All the more so, the prospects for the labour market are such that working hands in all sectors will soon be very needed. Although we live in such a country and at a time when we make any projections, it's ungrateful. But in any case, power assures us of that.

Open your business without seed capital.

Most of us believe that with no compelling start-up capital, nothing can be done. There are, however, examples of people spending huge investor funds and ultimately losing their lives. And, at the same time, there are a number of examples where the entrepreneurial entity has grown out of virtually nothing. So we need to get all the stereotyping out of the head and act.

Even if you don't have any money at all, you can ask for support from the State. There are a lot of government self-employment programmes that have been in operation for a long time. For example, under the " Support to start-up entrepreneurs " programme to receive one-time financial assistance from the employment centre, the State supports unemployed start-up entrepreneurs by allocating funds to start up its business.

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