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Individual entrepreneurs in Russia register in their place of residence, this is the requirement of Act No. 129 on State Registration. But how do you want to open an IP if it's written somewhere in Tumeni, but Business plans Start in Moscow? Can I open an IP on temporary registration? And how does foreign citizens decide that? The latter also have the right to register PPI and GS in our country.

That the law refers to the residence of the IP

Individual business is a natural person, so we're going to apply the Civil Code to his place of residence. In article 20, the SCF responds to this question: a dwelling where a person is permanently or usually present as owner, lessee or other legal grounds.

Of course, no one obliges a natural person to stay at the address that's in the propi stamp. However, no one will dispute the logic of the fact that the official confirmation of the location of a human being is a note. Thus, it is assumed that a potential IP is somehow available at a permanent registration address, especially for official bodies.

Where the IPs are registered, if it has a permanent and temporary receipt

If a permanent record is available, the time-limit for registration of IPs is not relevant. In the view of the tax collectors, the stamp in the apriori passport is more important than the temporary registration certificate. It's useless to swap the documents by proving the lawfulness of living in another city. The IP will have to be established in the IFN in their place of residence, even if the inspection is located behind the trinity of land.

It is not necessary to travel in person to file documents for the registration of IPs and remotely to send a representative to IFN with confidence or send a mailbox with an investment description. In this case, it will be necessary to reassure a statement of P21001 from the notary.

Even more simply, IP registration through an electronic digital signature. You need to go to the relevant firm in your town, get PCs and send the documents electronically, later you get an electronic container of documents that can be used to open the bank account. Originals will come to your mail. We have partners to provide this service in Moscow under the key.

In the event of successful registration, an entrepreneur has the right to conduct business where he will be eager, from Kalininggrad to Vladivostok.

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