First Business To Start

Where to find seed money

деньги для бизнесаActually, it's a very frequent phenomenon, there's a business idea, a desire, a desire, maybe even written a business plan, and that's the money to do it.

Let's see how we can find money for our business:

  1. Cop it alone;
  2. Sale of movable or immovable property;
  3. Take it from a friend;
  4. Find an investor;
  5. Take credit at the bank.

Buy seed money.

I think it's the best option, the only and most important minus of this way... the TIME. It's gonna take a long time to bury the right amount, especially if you're working on the payroll, it can take 3 to 5 years.

I've got a copycat technique to save money for my business in one year. Anyway, that's how I cracked my business. If anyone's interested in this methodology, you can write to me in my group of social media outlets of the newcomers.

Sale of apartments or cars

This is the second most important option, if you have a normal automobile or an apartment, you can get a pretty large amount of money almost immediately and start your business.

You're only risking your own property here, and even if it doesn't go as you expected, you won't have to be anything, and your conscience will be clean.

Take money for the business of acquaintances.

Honestly, it's not a good idea, but if there's no other option, you can use it. If of course you have friends with significant savings that are enough for. started. business.

But if something goes wrong and you lose money, you'll probably ruin your relationship with your friends, and besides the money, you'll lose friends. As you understand, you'll have to give money in any case, but in the eyes of a man, your reputation will be ruined.

Find an investor.

If you don't have your money, but you have a great business idea, you can try to find an investor for your project. There's a business to share, usually the investor's 50 percent off your business.

Finding an investor is one of the safest ways to start a business. The problem is finding an investor is complicated.

The investor won't invest money if you're just going to open a toy store or a canteen. You should have a business idea that's gonna love the future investor.

Likewise, you must draw up a clear and detailed business plan for your idea, which will describe all the details of the future enterprise with real figures and income. No one will invest in a low-cost project.

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