Small Businesses

Activities and licensing of small businesses
Формы и виды поддержки малого

BKR-Intercom Audit.

Upon receipt of the certificate of State registration, a small enterprise entity opens a bank account with subsequent notification to the tax authority of the opening of the bank account and is licensed (if the activity is subject to licensing). After these procedures, a small entrepreneurial entity can formally carry out business activities.

In accordance with article 2 of the CC of the FRF, activities should be carried out independently, at their own risk and should be directed towards the systematic receipt of profits from the use of property, the sale of goods, the performance of works or the provision of services.

The law thus stipulates that business activities must meet the above criteria.

Any activity not prohibited by the existing legislation of the Russian Federation - production, trade or provision of any services, etc., may be classified as such.

The activity is defined by the Russian General Classification of Economic Activities OC 029-2001 (OCVED) (CIDES Red. 1), which was introduced by Resolution No. 454-st of CCVED of the Russian State of 6 November 2001.

01. Agriculture, hunting and related services;

02. Forestry, logging and related service delivery activities;

05. Fisheries, fishermen and fish farms; fisheries services;

10. Manufacturing of stone coal and lignite; production of peat;

11. Manufacturing of crude oil and natural gas; provision of oil and gas services other than prospecting;

12. Production of radioactive ore;

13. Production of metal ores;

14. Mining and career development activities;

15. Food and drink production;

16. Tobacco and tobacco production;

17. Textile production;

18. Manufacturing of clothing; embezzlement and destruction of mechanics;

19. Leathering and leathering; suitcases, bags, sorno, and footwear;

20. Wood, wood, wood and probe products other than furniture; fabric and spray products;

21. Pulp and paper production and production of paper and paperboard products;

22. Publishing, printing and printing;

23. Coxochemical production, production of petroleum products, radioactive substances and their products;

24. Production of chemical synthesis products;

25. Production of rubber and plastic products;

26. Production of non-metallic mineral products of others;

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