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Internet business: 10 successful projects that have brought millions
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The Internet gives a lot of ideas to make, and some lucky people even become millionaires. The Internet business is very diverse, from the usual web-based magazines to the planning resources with ununderstood services. Many ideas on their start seemed naive or stupid, but eventually they made huge profits. These are separate projects on the Internet that have brought global knowledge and huge money.

1. YouTube. A few years ago, the idea of a site on which users could put their videos completely free seemed unbelievable and completely ineffective. It's been a while, and this Internet project has won hundreds of millions of users. Today, YouTube is one of the most visited web sites on the Internet, which brings huge amounts of money from advertisers, and the Internet project also makes users pay. In 2006, this more than successful project was bought by Google for $1.65 billion.

2. The Ebay website, created by Pierre Omidyar, was almost random and was part of his personal website. Today, it's the world's largest Internet market that has brought billions to its creator. This project has long been transformed into a global resource, whose remittances are forced to burn from the envy of competitors.

3. Million Dollar Home Page. The most ridiculous and first successful project-aunture. Pixel advertisements were popular at the end of 2005, when a British student Alex Tew created a website and invited advertisers to buy a place to house an advertisement as measured in peaks on the front page. The price was set at $1 per picsel, only 1 million picsel of accessible space. About five months later, all the pickles were sold, and Tew earned one million dollars.

4. Friends Reunited (Russian analogy - The classmates have come seven years later) at sunset today, but it must be paid to him for the exceptional opportunity to communicate with long-lost young friends. In 2005, the site was purchased by ITV for $120 million. Soon a new generation of social networks like Facebook and Bebo practically pushed his master out.

5. Hot Or Not Jim Young, deciding to measure people's attractiveness online. Despite the seemingly absurd idea, two million page views had been recorded in the first week of the site. It's a very profitable dating site today. By the way, youTube and Facebook found him as their inspirator.

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