New Business Ideas With Minimal Investment

Businesses with minimal investment - top 15 of the best business ideas for 2015-2016 for starters to open their small business from zero (from 100 to 15,000 roubles) + good examples

Hello, dear friends! You are welcomed by the authors of the business magazine, HitörBöbur.

We're often asked what business to do with minimal investment, ask for advice on a business idea.

On this subject, we decided to write a detailed article and share our experiences, as well as what business our friends are doing and why they chose this business idea.

Make yourself comfortable, we're starting.

Проверенные бизнес-идеи которые-работают во все времена

1. What ideas with minimal investment in 2016

Business is the foundation of any profitable business. There are commercial ideas that have brought millions of profits to their creators and continue to work for them. These people started their business from scratch with only a huge desire to succeed.

Business ideas for start-up entrepreneurs should not necessarily be geniuses (although such an option is also appropriate): it is sufficient to take advantage of the decisions already made and just start working on a certain scheme.

You'll find projects below for women, men, students and pensioners.

Some ideas for entrepreneurship involve homework, others require own production or at least a car.

Even in 2016, when a part of businessmen ceases commercial activity due to a sharp decline in profits, there are niches that can generate a good income when literate.

Business niche in 2016:

  • homework;
  • Provision of various services to the population;
  • Training and counselling;
  • resale of goods through electronic bulletin boards;
  • Manufacturing of manually commissioned items.

All the ideas for the business described in the article are different, but they are merged with one: the lack of major start-up investments.

The amounts to be used to open the case range from 100 to 15,000 roubles ($5,300).

If you agree, that means can be found by everyone.

Before starting to consider business ideas and move to practice, it is necessary to spend some time in theory to avoid the most common mistakes of start-up businessmen.

At first, the idea of opening your own case with minimal investment (or no other) seems unrealistic.

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