Small Business Production

Options for small business miniatures
Мини производство для малого

Девушка в цеху пекарни держит на подносе свежеиспечённый хлебNo one will argue that small businesses are the most reliable and sustainable source of income. The self-sustaining and marketing of the products claimed is much more beneficial than ordinary trade. The point is to correctly define the right niche and to organize the business properly. In the article, we suggest that we look at the most profitable ideas of small-scale production.

Mini Pharmaceutical

A little bakery, always happy buyers of fresh bakeries, is a great idea for private business.

The opening of the bakeries will require:

Equipment of 400,000 roubles for the production of 350 kilograms of bakeries per day, up to 800,000 roubles for the production of 500-700 kg of bread and baking.

Rental of premises with communications: electricity, sewerage, plumbing, 50,000 roubles per month. The space shall be at least 70 to 120 square metres.

Employees (2-4) and taxes - 60 - 140,000 roubles per month.

IPs, CEC permits, firefighters 30-40 thousand roubles.

It's 10 to 15 thousand roubles a month.

Mini-pharmaceutical productivity 20 - 50 per cent of production, i.e. For each 100,000 rubles, the net profit will be 20 to 50,000 roubles.

Pellet production

Demand for new and effective fuels - pellets - grows every day. Organizing a mini pellet is a very profitable and promising investment.

Business from scratch will require:

Buy press equipment to make fuel granules from wood waste. The cost of equipment ranges from $65,000 for new, imported, 500 kg of raw materials per hour to $1,500 per b/w, imported, 100 kg per hour.

Rental of a site for production and storage is at least 100 to 150 m2. The rental cost would be 60 to 80,000 roubles per month.

The value of production is about 100%, so the cost will be paid quickly. For 1 ton, the pellets earn a net profit of $60. In a month, income can fluctuate between $18 and $25,000.

Delmen production

Pelts made on individual recipes by their own hands can be sold to stores or opened their own ash and developed in two directions.

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