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What I'm writing about finding my favorite case
Как открыть свой бизнес в

"Do what you like to do, and there will be no working day in your life."


What I'm writing about finding my favorite case doesn't mean I found it myself. It's just that in my search, I've gone very far. In particular, I don't do anything in love anymore.

It all started with letting itself not finish the case. You know there's a precondition, but you have to finish what you've started. And with this certainty, parents and teachers say that there is no question of whether or not all cases should be brought to a conclusion?

Simple example: A man wanted to start a biceps more than Arnold. Then he realized that such loads destroyed his health. Do we have to finish this? What if it's fatal?

If I start doing a thing that's getting closer to me, I'll keep living in inspiration.

It's harder than that. A man wanted a diploma in higher education. But I realized that an engineer's salary, a slave day regime and a little pension don't suit him. A few thousand dollars in education. Should we learn the remaining two years?

The material benefit and fear of the system on one scale, and the dream and desire of the soul on the other. Fear wins 99% of cases.

If people understood that, by trusting themselves, they were more important than the standard success of the system, the choice would not be possible. Impossible. ♪

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