Small Business In 2015

Public support for small businesses in 2015: not myth, but rather specific, effective programmes
21 декабря 2015

Как государство поддерживает предпринимателей: программы и субсидии (фото: Anton Mudrilov -

The " furthest nine " and all the processes that have taken place with the private business during this difficult period have led to a number of stereotyping in our country. The most common among them seems to be small businesses, and especially financially. All because start-up entrepreneurs are self-reliant and their possible financial well-being are the hands of only the privates themselves and nobody else.

Meanwhile, it has been two decades and the Russian economy has changed very much. Like public economic policies.Что нужно сделать предпринимателю, чтобы получить помощь от государства (фото: Support for small businesses is now one of its key pillars. As part of this support, several programmes are currently in operation and are closely monitored by the Russian Government. That is why, before starting their case, it is possible that the list of these programmes will make financial progress.

A little about the small business dominance system.

State support for small forms of business is now regulated by the FS-209, as well as by a number of other regulations, regional and local. Each programme is characterized by its duration, budget and characteristics.

In addition, a number of institutions (both commercial and non-profit) are part of the entrepreneurial support system:

  • banks,
  • Investment funds,
  • venture funds,
  • business schools
  • public organizations,
  • State institutions.

They are created specifically to act as a link between the State and entrepreneurs. With each year, the system of interaction between all the links of this chain will be simplified, and interaction itself is becoming more effective. In short, there is every reason to believe that financial support Small Business in 2015 the vast majority of Russian entrepreneurs will be available to varying degrees.

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