Small Business Organization

Organization of small businesses in the roses and characteristics of their own enterprise
малый бизнес

Организация малого бизнеса в РоссииOnce a future entrepreneur has an idea to create his own profitable small business, the most important step is his organization. In domestic realities, this process involves a large number of small, small, nuances, at first glance, which can nonetheless significantly complicate the process.

Most often, the small business is organized from scratch, which means the entrepreneur lacks experience and needs to learn a lot.

The first step is the registration of private enterprise, followed by the registration of relevant registers. To that end, a list of the documents referred to in the State Registration Act should be compiled into the relevant registry authority. It includes:

  • Statement of wish to receive State registration;
  • A certified decision and treaty establishing an organization;
  • Copies or certified copies of the constituent instruments.

If the tax service or any other organization requires additional documents, it is necessary to refer to article 9 of the Act, which clearly regulates the list of documents that the authorities may require.

Further, a clear and understandable business plan is being developed that takes into account all factors, including seasonal fluctuations in returns, the general economic situation in the country, markets and many others. This will help to optimize primary costs and obtain credit at better rates. It should be noted that many entrepreneurs take loans on mortgage of immovable and movable property, and during their return there are the highest risks. The graphic business plan will minimize them.

Even though the organization Small business in Russia It's still far from perfect, you don't have to be able to raise your level of knowledge. To this end, there are both paid and free courses, for example, at employment centres, where the foundations of entrepreneurial activity can be deteriorated and thus make their business more profitable and live.

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