Small Rosy Business

Major problems of Russian small business
Мнение большинство

Митинг объединенной оппозиции в Санкт-ПетербургеRussian small businesses are desperately trying to survive in the market, despite conditions that are extremely unfavourable. Small business owners complain about the bias of officials, the provocation of checkers and the excessive tax burden.

Vladimir Panov, head of the Small and Microenterprise Association of Tumeni: " Recently, we have had such inspection and provocation. The Minors ' Affairs Officer brought a minor who looks much older than his age. And they picked up such moments when the turn is when the seller can't concentrate. It was a human factor, of course she sold it to him. There is a Police Act which clearly states that provocations for the commission of an offence are prohibited. But nobody wants to listen to us. Now we're getting ready for trial, but the prospect, of course, is not fun. We've got a woman who's about 50 years old, husband's not working, he's been cut down, child's dependent. She just grabs her head, doesn't know how to do... " .

On 26 May, Russia celebrated the business day for the ninth time. This holiday, established by Vladimir Putin ' s Order in 2007, was celebrated by some representatives Small business We didn't have a generosity table at the protests.

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