New Types Of Business In The World

What kind of new business are they?
Коливинг: люкс-общежития

Those who offer peace are often successful new types of business♪ Why? Look around! Every new business is a modernized copy of the already successful case. And healthy competition never bothers. But! A major gap is the fact that entrepreneurs are willing to invest heavily to strengthen existing business models. The real gains in the future can be achieved only by offering new, not yet existing business ideas to the world.

Inspiration can be found in every daily action, as progress has been made. To offer humanity a service or a product that is not yet available but which can address certain issues of daily life.

It is difficult to propose " new business types " , but it is possible to explore the unique projects that exist in the world, and it may be you that will be the next pioneer in the world.

  1. Meganews is a business from Sweden, which designed and launched the first seal on demand. This business has proved to be quite profitable and already serves the needs of a huge audience. For the first time in the world, Meganews offered this service to consumers through an economic and ecologically clean machine, which prints glanc magazines in minutes of customer ' s wish.
  2. Nudie Jeans Repair Shop is a shop in London that offers jean repair services. The client can bring old clothes and repair special equipment and tools, as well as advice and assistance from a specialist. Also, a client can exchange old jeans for a discount when buying a new product. This business was very demanding, interesting and profitable.
  3. OMSignal is a company from Canada whose researchers have developed a prototype intellectual shirt. It is equipped with sensors that can track the emotional state of the owner and even transmit data to social media. The product can't be purchased yet, it's only available to those who test it. But despite this invention, the furror has already risen worldwide.
  4. A cycling for $ 15 - The bike is becoming increasingly used in all cities of the world. For cyclists, walk is the cheapest, cleanest and healthy way of movement. Israeli coach Iyhar Gafni served as a point of departure for his own advantageous cause. He invented a cycle made of recycled cardboard. It's between $9 and $12. He weighs very little, and he can hold up to 130 kilos.
  5. News on the coffee cup, the Y-R commercial in Dubai, organized a unique act for the Gulf News newspaper. The advertising company printed cardboard cups that sell coffee the first news of each day. Everyone who bought coffee was aware of the main news, and received a code that opened up access to the news. ♪ ♪
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